Patient Benefits

Medically accurate genetic test results—no more “guestimate” recommendations.

Convenience of telemedicine provides access to patients who may have difficulty seeing a cannabis specialist in person.

Certainty of treatment by medical professionals who are specifically trained in cannabis medicine by the world’s leading scientific and medical authorities.

Cost-effective treatment options that are often covered by insurance.

Physician Benefits

GATC Canna combines best-in-class technologies into one easy to use platform, allowing doctors to enter and excel in the lucrative and under-served medical cannabis market.

Aggressive patient acquisition through GATC Canna’s marketing engine.

HIPAA-compliant telemedicine technology allows doctors to see more patients by eliminating in-person office visits.

Scheduling initial and follow-up consultations is easy for patients, increasing recurring revenue for doctors.

Doctor training from the world’s leading scientists and doctors in the cannabis field.

Recommendations are based on the industry-leading genomic testing, with 99.99% accuracy and world-class artificial intelligence analysis


There are five main components to GATC Canna’s revolutionary platform.

Marketing Engine

Patients and doctors learn about GATC Canna through a sophisticated marketing engine that combines direct outreach, professional and commercial networks (unions, trade organizations, clubs and groups, etc.), social media, print and digital advertising, and direct marketing.


GATC Canna’s telemedicine platform is easy to use and HIPAA compliant, ensuring patient data is protected. This “virtual doctor’s office” allows medical professionals and patients to communicate and exchange data, regardless of physical location. Patients can visit their doctors from the privacy and convenience of their own homes using their smart phone or computer.

Genomic Testing

GATC Canna utilizes the most sophisticated genomic testing available anywhere. Competing genetic test kits typically access 600,000 data points, but reference as few as 400 when providing results. GATC Canna’s genomic tests access 6.4 billion data points and can compute analysis on over 60,000,000 outcomes! That’s 150,000 times more accurate than the leading test provider’s results.

Artificial Intelligence

GATC Canna’s sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) software provides simple, actionable test results based on genomic analysis that is 99.99%. These results help guide the physician in recommending dose, selection and safety of medical cannabis products, like CBD and THC.

Doctor Education

Education is the most overlooked aspect of successfully treating patients with cannabis medicines. GATC Canna provides its doctor-members with training, expertise and support from world leaders in the science and medicine of cannabis. This provides doctors and patients alike with the comfort and certainty of knowing that recommendations are science-based and reflect best practices and compliance with local, state and federal laws.

Who We Are

GATC Canna was borne from the vision that medical diagnoses should be based on the most accurate scientific data, made available to doctors and patients via a powerful, easy-to-use portal. Our management and advisory teams are comprised of passionate, experienced professionals in the medical, diagnostic, technology and finance fields.

World-class leadership and industry-best technology combine to deliver on the promise of accurate medical cannabis recommendations.


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